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Attendance Information

Attendance Clerks:
Jennifer Imhoff 803-476-3304
Tracy Miller 803-476-3326

All early dismissals must include the first and last name of the student, date and time of dismissal, and parent contact number.
Early Dismissal Policy:
Students are not excused from school any time during the day without the attendance office having notification from parents prior to leaving.
All early dismissal excuses are to be turned in to the attendance office at the beginning of the block. Acceptable forms of notification include an email or a note from the parent with a contact number.
Phone calls are NOT an acceptable form of notification. Students must be signed out by parents if an acceptable form of notification is not on file with attendance.
The parent will then come into the attendance office and sign their student out(Please Bring A Valid Driver's License)
Parents/Guardians arriving to pick up their child for early dismissal- NO DISMISSALS AFTER 3PM
Please note that unscheduled early student pick up may require wait time. We know that emergencies happen and that some student early departures can not be planned or scheduled. Our staff will work with families during these emergency situations to release students as quickly as possible, while maintaining safety procedures and protocols.

Absence and Excuses:
A note from a parent/guardian, physician, dentist or other recognized licensed certified medical practitioner or legal officer is required for each absence. The note must be dated and must include the date(s) of absence(s), the reason(s) for the absence(s), the telephone number of the parent/guardian and the required signature. The note must be presented to the
attendance office within 72 hours of the student’s return to school. The reason for the absence given on the note determines whether it will be recorded as a lawful or unlawful absence. A note not properly submitted according to the terms of this policy will cause the absence to be recorded as unlawful.
Parent notes alone are not considered legal excuses and will count toward the total of allowed unexcused absences.
Lawful Absences:
• Absences that are excused by a doctor or other medical professional.
• Death in the immediate family (parent, grandparent or sibling)
• Court appearances
• A recognized religious holiday
• Special circumstances approved in advance by the principal/director (teachers do not have the authority to approve absences for special circumstances. You must get approval from an administrator).
Information on the Attendance Procedures from the South Carolina State Department of Education can be found at the link provided below.