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Google Classroom Information

Google Classroom information for Parents

  • Students should join Google Classroom groups for each class they that take at DFHS
  • Students are expected to check Google Classroom and Gmail on a regular basis
  • Teachers use Google Classroom in different ways
  • Students will join grade level Google Classroom groups
    • These groups share Fox Focus information, school announcements, and other pertinent school details
  • Students may also be asked to join additional Google Classroom groups for clubs or other activities
  • Click here to see a video about how students complete work on Google Classroom


Parents are encouraged to signup for Google Classroom's Guardian Email Summaries

  • See more information at Google's Help site and our help document
  • Once a parent/guardian has signed up sucessfully for Google Classroom with one class/teacher, he/she will have access to all Google Classrooms the students is enrolled in
  • Google Classroom allows parents to choose the frequency of emails they receive
  • Google Classroom does not have a "live" parent view into a student's Google Classroom account
  • Multiple parents may sign up for Guardian Email Summaries for the same student
  • Parents may sign up for email summaries for more than one student using the same parent email account


Please contact one of your student's teachers or Mrs. Holden (Digital Integration Specialist),, for more assistance.